Dr Donegan runs a series of workshops on Vaccination and other health related topics.

If you are interested in hosting one of these lectures or workshops, please contact Dr Donegan at: tel/fax 0044 (0) 208 632 1634 (ansafone)

or email jaynelmdonegan@yahoo.com

Current Lectures

  • ‘Vaccination – the Question’
  • ‘Vaccination – the Science’ (for practitioners and very interested parents)
  • ‘Vaccination and Travel Medicine’
  • ‘Supportive treatment of Childhood Illnesses’ – What do you do if you don’t Vaccinate (and also if you do)?
  • ‘Mumps, Measles, Rubella – Which is better: The Disease or the Vaccine?’
  • ‘Tetanus and Treatment of Cuts and Grazes’
  • Focus on Meningitis –  The Fears, the Facts and Can it be Avoided?
  • ‘How to Raise a Healthy Child (and Parent!)’
  • ‘Homeopathy for Children – An Introduction’

IRELAND, Dublin Baile Átha Cliath Sunday 20 August 2017  details TBC ctweitbrecht@gmail.com


  •                 The first European Conference

    A unique opportunity to hear a group of internationally renowned experts in the beautiful city of Soesterberg, Netherlands.


    • Homeoprophylaxis (HP)
    • Diseases and the Immune System
    • Vaccine damage and the homeopathic treatment of this
    • Legal issues regarding vaccines and health freedoms and choices
    • Training in Homeoprophylaxis by world-respected authorities in HP for interested professionals
      + special insights into the Homeopathic Treatment of Vaccine Damage (HTVD)
      + advanced training in Homeoprophylaxis?

    Speakers: Isaac Golden PhD, Torako Yui PhD, Dr. Ravi Roy, DHMS, Germany, Carola Lage-Roy, Germany, Dr Muhammed Rafeeque, India, Martin de Munck, Nederlands, James S. Turner, JD, USA, Dr Harry van der Zee, Nederlands, Dr (Veterinary)Liesbeth Ellinger, Nederlands, Ton Jansen, Nederlands, Dr Jayne Donegan, UK

    26 – 29 October, 2017 Soesterberg, Netherlands. For more information and to book tickets please visit: http://www.hpwwc.org/

    2017 HPWWC Conference Homeoprophylaxis

    2017 HPWWC Conference Homeoprophylaxis

  • You child comes running to you crying, holding out a finger she has cut on a piece of slate in the garden, your toddler wobbles up to you in the playground with a large patch of skin grazed off his knee, your teenager, who should know better, has been sledging down a rubbish heap in the dark and has come hobbling towards you tearfully, led by a bunch of rather guilty looking friends, with a nail  – very dirty, imbedded in her hand.

    What do you do?

    No child is going to escape cuts and grazes as they travel through childhood – indeed, there would be something wrong with them if they were cocooned to the extent that they didn’t run about fast enough or climb high enough to fall over hard, or hurt their knees.  As much as we want to protect our children from obvious and certain danger, the journey through childhood is an experiential one.

    So how do we manage these injuries?
    Come and find out Dr Jayne Donegan a GP,& Specialist Homoeopath with extensive experience in child health. She will outline safe strategies for home treatment and red flags which require a second opinion.

    Part One:

    • There Is No Such Thing As An Accident!
    • Basic Strategies For All Injuries & Emergencies, Summoning Help
    • First Aid Kit – what it should contain and what it should not contain.
    • Homoeopathy for bruising and shock
    • Cuts & Grazes – Tetanus Risk, What is the tetanus risk?, How do you reduce it?
    • The importance of ‘wound toilet’
    • Swallowing Things

    Part Two:

    • Head Injuries, Assessment & Mechanism of injury
    • Warning signs
    • The Recovery Position
    • Fainting – General Management
    • Sprains and Fractures, Assessment & Mechanism of injury, Elevation, R.I.C.E.
    • General and Homoeopathic Management of Burns & Scalds, Nose Bleeds, Insect Stings – Bee, Wasp, Tick Management
    • Splinter Removal
    • Resources

    23 July 2017, Sunday 1.45 for 2-4pm, Benfleet, Essex SX7

    Hosted by Clarks Osteopathic and Complementary Healthcare, 378 London Rd, South Benfleet, Benfleet SS7 1AX.  For more information and to book click here

    NB There is a workbook available for this event. If you would like one, they cost £6 and must be ordered in advance from Dr Donegan at jaynelmdonegan@yahoo.com or via the organisers

  • Is there a question? 

    Isn’t it scientifically proved that vaccination is the single most effective cause of improved health in the 20th and 21st Century?

    Extensive investigation of the science behind the hype led Dr Donegan to radically change her views. She believes that every parent should be given the opportunity to see that vaccination: its safety and efficacy, is not a black and white issue, so that they can make fully informed choices about their health.


    • Introduction
    • Journey – how a doctor could change from being a firm supporter of the ‘Universal Childhood Immunisation Program’ to strongly questioning its validity
    • Why morbidity and mortality from infectious diseases has fallen so drastically over the course of the twentieth century, are our children more healthy?
    • Natural infections and immunity
    • Vaccination and artificial immunity
    • Specific diseases and their vaccines
    • Extra Questions/ Plenary

    Should you vaccinate your child or not? Only you, as a parent, can decide what is best for you and your family.

     16 July 2017, Sunday afternoon, 1.45 for 2-4pm, North West London NW4

    For further information and to book tickets please email jaynelmdonegan@yahoo.com with your post code,  contact telephone number and number of tickets required.  Tickets cost £11 (£10 per person for couples) and must be booked in advance. Nearest tube: Hendon Central

  • Nursing Children Supportively Through Acute Illness – Fever Management

    We will look at health beliefs and fears around acute childhood illness and infections and learn about:

    Part One

    • how the Germ Theory of Disease and the Medical Model affect the treatment options you are offered by your GP and health visitor
    • the Holistic model of disease – using the healing power of your own or your child’s body
    • the Problems caused by Suppression of Fever

    Part Two

    • the Basic strategies for coping with any acute childhood illness or infection
    • a Simple Guide to Homoeopathy for Acute Fever
    • Presentation of clinical cases including meningitis
    • Quiz/ Plenary/ Questions

    05 November 2017 Sunday afternoon, 1.45 for 2-4pm, North West London NW4 (Sorry, no fireworks!)

    For further information and to book tickets please email jaynelmdonegan@yahoo.com with your post code,  contact telephone number and number of tickets required.  Tickets cost £11 (£10 per person for couples) and must be booked in advance.
    Nearest tube station: Hendon Central