WDDTYDisclaimer October2013

1) I have never been interviewed by WDDTY.

2) In order for parents and the general public not to be misled by statements purported to be quotes made by me in the October edition of ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ and subsequent statements by them in various media, I am publishing the letter below on my website as WDDTY have refused to publish either this letter or any other form of correction/ clarification.


The Editor
Unit 10
Woodman Works
204 Durnsford Road
London SW19 8DR                    21 October 2013
(sent by email)


Throughout its twenty four year history, I understand WDDTY has endeavoured to maintain the highest of journalistic standards and to gather painstakingly hard-to-get information so that its readers are able make informed decisions about important health issues that affect them. I understand you are concerned to take care in how you characterise those whom you feature in your magazine and to make sure that you are being fair and accurate in reporting the facts.

I am, therefore, confident that you will wish to ensure that everything is clear and properly understood by your readers. Please therefore publish this letter of clarification. It concerns representations in the October 2013 printed and online issues of WDDTY and subsequently statements made by you on Facebook and YouTube. These concern what have been said to be my views and professional approach as a qualified registered UK medical practitioner regarding vaccination and child health.

You will of course agree it is important the public and your readers obtain the correct understanding of the advice and approach of any medical professional. In addition, there appears to have been a degree of confusion regarding statements made on WDDTY’s Facebook page, in that I have not been interviewed by or on behalf of anyone from WDDTY.

It was stated that I believe “that parents should not vaccinate their child.” [1]

It is not and never has been my stated view, opinion or belief that parents should not vaccinate their children. On the contrary, my considered and consistent view on vaccination is that I do not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and I give parents information so that they can make an informed choice as to what is best for their child, their family and their circumstances.

My consistent advice is and has always been; and the information in my vaccination report regarding measles states that, “If parents are prepared to nurse their healthy children through the measles then it may well be a reasonable course of action to choose not to vaccinate their children and to allow them to have the natural disease. There is a sufficient number of well documented adverse reactions to measles, mumps and rubella vaccines, alone or combined as to make them undesirable for the prevention of such a generally benign disease. ” [2]

In contrast, I did not say ”..There is plenty of evidence about adverse reactions to the vaccine that should convince parents not to have it.“ nor did I say “Don’t give in to fear about measles generated by doctors and governments.” [3]

The information in my vaccination report regarding whooping cough the disease is “A baby whose mother had natural whooping cough is protected to some degree by transplacental immunity. Breast feeding prolongs this protection.” [4] It does not say “Children develop natural immunity against whooping cough from breast milk.“ [3]

Regarding whooping cough vaccine, since the 2004 introduction of the mercury-free 5-in-1 and 4-in-1 childhood vaccines, the information in my vaccination report states, “The acellular vaccine currently available has a much lower adverse reaction profile than the abandoned whole cell vaccine. But for parents wishing to use it, it is now unfortunately only obtainable in combination with a minimum of three other vaccines – the high dose diphtheria vaccine, tetanus vaccine and inactivated polio vaccine.” [4] Thus the report makes clear that the current UK vaccine does not contain mercury and is not the whole cell type.

It is thus not my stated view, opinion or belief that this vaccine “… is currently not available without the mercury additive thiomersal (thimerosal in the US).” [4] Also, since 2004, and contrary to WDDTY’s suggestion I do not tell parents to avoid the vaccine on the basis “the whole-cell version has such a high incidence of side-effects that I think it should never be used.” It is the acellular vaccine and not the whole-cell vaccine which is currently used in the UK.

Regarding Tetanus vaccine the information in my vaccination report states “In April 2004 the single tetanus vaccine was withdrawn…it is now only possible to have tetanus vaccine in combination with (a minimum of) diphtheria and the inactivated polio vaccine, in the ‘3-in-1’ vaccine. Should you wish to avail yourself or your family of this option, the ‘3-in-1’ vaccine does not contain thiomersal, but does contain aluminium hydroxide and formaldehyde. For those not wishing to vaccinate, an alternative approach could be the promotion of a healthy immune system combined with scrupulous wound toilet.” [5]

I did not say “As the tetanus vaccine is available only with thiomersal, aluminium hydroxide and formaldehyde, it is safer to build up a child’s immune system and clean any wounds carefully”. [3]

The information in my vaccination report regarding rubella vaccine and disease states “To protect unborn babies from rubella syndrome in women who are not immune, it is possible to see that vaccination does not necessarily stop this occurring. In fact such cases are likely to occur more often as vaccination is now given at such a young age that the antibody levels are likely to wane – even with two doses. Would it not be more sensible for girls to get real rubella disease and acquire the better quality antibodies associated with natural infection so that in their own pregnancies, they will not get rubella for the first time.” [6]

That is significantly different from and I did not say the vaccine “..often fails to protect the unborn child of women who are not immune.” [3]

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to clarify these important issues as I am sure you agree that issues concerning child health safety are important, and for your continuing efforts in that connection.

Yours Sincerely,


Dr Jayne LM Donegan
London NW4 1SH, UK

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