Informed Consent to Medical Treatment – Does it exist?

The National Health Service introduced in the UK in 1948 with the promise of health care available to all and free at the point of delivery. Who would have thought that 73 years , this would lead to ‘health care’ becoming mandatory when you did not want it and often unavailable when you did.
This lecture explores at the the issue of informed consent in England in 2021 and who makes decisions about families, children and adults, including those without capacity to decide for themselves, in the light of general medical interventions and covid.

• What is informed consent?
• How does the law stand after the Montgomery Ruling of 2015?
• What are the General Medical Council Guidelines?
• How have they changed between 2008 and 2019 – the recent revision? (recordings)
• Why has the Consent chapter of the Green Book (Immunisation Against Infectious Diseases Handbook) not been updated since 2013?
• Are doctors duty bound to refer you to Social Services – Child Safeguarding – if you have not vaccinated your children?

• COVID vaccines – Why you should have one.
• What happens if you have a relative in care regarding vaccination?
• What do doctors know about covid vaccines? – Who are the Experts?
• Who could answer the 13 questions composed by a patient looking for information?
• Plenary/ Questions

• That those participating:
• Understand the law and guidance regarding consent in England.
• Understand the importance of getting Lasting Power of Attorney for relatives while they still have capacity to give their consent.
• Understand how the ‘Doctrine of Precedent’ can skew the law if only atypical cases are adjudicated on

16 Apr 2024, Tuesday Evening. To book