GMC full transcripts of the Fitness to Practice Panel Hearing of Dr Jayne LM Donegan, August 2007.

Child Health Safety in depth research into the role of government & pharmaceutical companies in the introduction of new vaccines and the handling of adverse reactions. Includes ‘Vaccines Did Not Save Us – Two Centuries of Official Statistics’ graphs from ONS data.

The Informed Parent, excellent resource for parents wanting information on vaccination and health promotion. Members receive a four monthly newsletter. They also publish books unavailable elsewhere. To subscribe:

The Vaccine Website: extensive source of information on vaccination including many historical documents not available elsewhere, as well as the writings of medically qualified doctors and other practitioners who are concerned for child health safety

National Vaccine Information Centre (NVIC), a national, non-profit educational organization founded in 1982. The oldest and largest consumer organization advocating the institution of vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the mass vaccination system, NVIC is responsible for launching the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in America in the early 1980’s.

Arnica,  a support group for parents, led by parents who believe in a holistic approach to health and recognize a grass roots need for debate and practise, especially in this current climate where nutritional supplements, independent midwives and homeopathy are under threat presented by chiropractor, Richard Lanigan, tries to assist parents in the decision making process on immunisation, by providing you with what we consider to be balanced, objective information

JABS, the support group for vaccine damaged children

‘The Truth About Vaccines’ by Dr Richard Halvorsen, a London GP: an extremely well researched and interesting book. The section on the licensing of the MMR vaccine is well worth reading

The Green Book, Department of Health UK, The 2006 edition presents latest information on vaccines and vaccination procedures for all the vaccine preventable infectious diseases that may occur in the UK. In particular, those immunisations that comprise the routine immunisation programme for all children from birth to adolescence

‘Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases’, The Pink Book: Course Textbook, UPDATED 10th Edition, 2nd Printing (February 2008). This is the US version of the ‘Green Book’. It is extremely informative regarding all aspects of vaccination, additives, US government advice regarding additives and adverse reactions, also reporting of adverse vaccine events, the whole book is free to download.

‘So, what’s wrong with school? 125 reasons not to send your kids’ by Jessica Mwanzia. This is a great read for anyone involved with children and their education, in school or otherwise. It should be required reading for all teachers and all parent will benefit from this highly readable and well sourced work. Buy it at Or available as pdf for £4.80 (can then be converted to kindle format free) by emailing: