Every person needs to have the balanced, evidence-based information necessary to give fully informed consent for any medical intervention that is recommended to them, most especially ones that are given to healthy individuals.

Dr Jayne Donegan

Dr Jayne Donegan

Dr Donegan studied anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology at London University, gaining science degrees in 1983. She has been working with people and their health since then. She started studying and practising homeopathy in 1990. She became MFHom, a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy in 2001, then gained the Faculty Certificate of Specialist Accreditation in Medical Homeopathy in 2008, became a member of the Homeopathic Medical Association [HMA] in 2017 and of Homeopathy International in 2020.

Dr Donegan has been researching disease ecology and vaccination since 1994. She promotes health and practical and supportive treatment of childhood and adult infectious diseases and other illnesses.  She offers private consultations in North London as a homeopathic practitioner and gives lifestyle advice and reviews.

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‘COVID-19 Nursing People Supportively Through Acute Viral Illness ‘

02 April 2020, Thursday Evening, 9-11 pm *** ONLINE LECTURE ***  To book please click here

05 April 2020, Sunday morning, *** ONLINE LECTURE ***  To book please click here

03 May 2020, Sunday Afternoon, *** ONLINE LECTURE *** To book please click here

‘Vaccination – The Question:  Information you can use to give Informed Consent’

19 April 2020, Sunday afternoon, London NW4. ** ONLINE LECTURE ** To book please click here

Holistic First Aid Course: TETANUS and Management of Cuts, Grazes and Minor Childhood Injuries

30 April 2020, Thursday evening,  Brighton. ** ONLINE LECTURE ** To book please click here

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